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Parkwood Institute

This program offers client-centered care using a case management approach and bio-psychosocial rehabilitation. Intensive treatment is available to persons requiring the support of a hospital-based program. Applicants who have problematic levels of addiction and a major psychiatric disorder are the organization's mandate, including those who require medical monitoring or nursing care that makes acceptance into another facility difficult. Applicants from methadone maintenance programs who have psychiatric disorders are eligible. Consultation for public and professional is available. Referrals may be made by community treatment organizations, doctors, psychiatrists, hospitals and clinics. It is imperative that there be a physician/psychiatrist involved with the client and be willing to provide follow-up care. Intensive Community Treatment is available for clients who meet the criteria for the Concurrent Disorders Program in the Thames Valley area. Outreach and OTN services available across Southwest catchment area.

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Mental Health Care Building
550 Wellington Road
London, Ontario N6C 4R3

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Sites and Programs operated by this organization

Parkwood Institute

Parkwood Institute The Mental Health Care Building
550 Wellington Road
London, Ontario N6C 0A7