Maison Decision House

Maison Decision House

Maison Decision House (MDH) is a bilingual, community-based residential facility that offers an eight-week intensive substance abuse treatment program designed for residents with moderate to severe problems with alcohol and/or drugs. MDH offers community development in addition to tailored programming based on the social learning theory, which states that addiction is a learned behaviour that can be unlearned through the development of new thinking and coping skills. The clients participate in five-hour group sessions, five days a week, that focus on problem solving, maintenance plans and goals in the morning and on weeklong topics offered in the afternoon (housing, finances, emotions, stress prevention, leisure, employment, etc.). Clients also undergo weekly individual counselling sessions related directly to substance abuse issues with their primary counsellor. MDH provides the opportunity for clients to maintain residency at MDH upon completion of the program in Phase 3, if it is determined that they could benefit from a structured environment while adjusting to work, or school. Aftercare counselling is also available for Phase 3 residents as well as graduates of the program who are no longer residing at MDH.

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Maison Decision House

Maison Decision House 37 Irving Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1Z2

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